I earned the 7-Day Stretch badge.


If finishing at least 2 books in a week were so amazing, they’d give out a badge for it. https://www.audible.com/t1/CREB


I just absolutely love Brene’ Brown and all of her work. I hear myself talking when she speaks. So interesting, to know you’re not alone and not broken. I believe this is my third time reading this book.


Paulo Coelho, what can we say? Just great great great storyteller. I think this installment of his is a very simple journey through life. We are all, individually, searching for something, out own truths. It is a solitary path that’ll either make you or break you, the choice is yours.

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  2. Brene’ Brown is awesome. Since I consider myself to be such a closed off person. She was an eye opener. The Alchemist? YES! It did for me too, such a simple theory that we tend to complicate in life. The heart knows, it’s the mind that makes things difficult. 😉 Thanks for visiting 😉

  3. I read The Alchemist last year and it totally blew my mind open! I love it and have since added it to my ‘Hall of Fame’ shelf where I keep books that I want to read again and again. I havent heard of Brene Brown but I am going to check it out !

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