Day: May 27, 2015

“Broken” Afterglow

How did we become a nation that honors people who do commit crimes and punish the ones who are sent to stop the criminals? This system is so broken it is truly painful to watch. I understand the pain that the family feels of losing a loved one. However, choices were ultimately made by the deceased that caused him to lose his life. How does that ‘wrong’ choice allow you to have a plaque for all the youth to see that glorifies a life of crime? This is truly a broken issue of ‘Idiocracy.’


Change The World 1 Phone at a Time   AWESOME Video by Charstarlene. This video shows where we are in this new digital world/age that we now live in.   What do we do?   How do we communicate with others from the wired and wireless world?   Conversations have ceased to exist as well as…

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