“Broken” Afterglow

How did we become a nation that honors people who do commit crimes and punish the ones who are sent to stop the criminals? This system is so broken it is truly painful to watch. I understand the pain that the family feels of losing a loved one. However, choices were ultimately made by the deceased that caused him to lose his life. How does that ‘wrong’ choice allow you to have a plaque for all the youth to see that glorifies a life of crime? This is truly a broken issue of ‘Idiocracy.’

Where is the plaque for the officer Darren Wilson who lost his career for, doing his job? Fighting Crime.

I am sorry, but, you cannot steal from a convenient store, fight the police officer (in his own patrol car), run from the officer (after being told to stop), and then claim racism and erect a plaque of honor to the aggressor.

Taken from IJReview, who reached out to former police officer Chip Pierce for his thoughts on the complex matter:

I don’t think a criminal that was killed while assaulting a police officer deserves to be memorialized. It sends the wrong message. Every time people are paid to protest a supposed injustice before the facts are known we lose credibility in the justice system.

Michael Brown was a criminal, he had moments earlier committed or assisted with a strong armed robbery. When the officer approached, Brown attacked. The officer shot him in self-defense and it was proven to be justified by a Grand Jury.

He like many other people who attacked police officers lose their lives as a result, which isn’t something to be memorialized. There are police killings that cross the line. I do not believe this was one of them. I wasn’t on the grand jury and I’ve never been to Ferguson, so I don’t have all the facts, but trying officers in the media is not right.

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