There’s Hope Over the Horizon

The place I don’t want to ever visit, willingly, is the land of dysfunction.

The land where there is no accountability.

The land that says, yes, I will respond with gifts for every tantrum thrown

The land where stones are constantly thrown from people who live in glass houses.

The land that demands loyalty yet displays nil.

I refuse to visit, willingly, a land that offers rewards for crimes instead of punishment.

I refuse to sit back and continuously indulge in your self inflicted negativity.

I cannot continue being acquainted with you if you cannot control your behavior in public.

So, in short, in saying no thank you to this type of behavior. I know I’ve said yes and indulged the behavior in the past, but since I know the definition of insanity. I must leave you to your life as I strive to live mine wholeheartedly.

In response to writing prompt: “No, Thanks.”

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