Bell Bottom Baby

In our first Writing 201: Poetry assignment we are to write a Haiku in the form of Alliteration. So here is my attempt at this assignment. Haiku? #BlessYou 😉

The following arrangements are my attempts at a Haiku. I’m not too sure how I did.  

First, is my appreciation for the 70’s. I love love love the style of clothes. If anyone remembers Thelma from the seventies sitcom “Good Times,” she looked fierce in her bell bottom flare pants and jumpsuits. 

Bell bottom baby

The era before

I beseech once more 

Bell bottom baby

With legs as long as love

Lounging lazily

This last arrangement is my utter disappointment of the media, both televised media and social media and their lack of accountability. We have a choice to watch, but they have a meal moral duty to report the truth. 

Destructive device

Devastatingly precise

Deliberate Lies

Today, write a poem about/against/in homage to the screens in your life.


Today’s form: haiku


Haiku at a glance: A traditional Japanese form, now popular around the world. Normally (but not necessarily) composed of three lines of verse containing five, seven, and five syllables, respectively.


Today’s device: alliteration


Today’s device, alliteration, is all about using the same consonant multiple times in close proximity: think “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer,” or “Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty” (thanks, Axl!).


There are no strict guidelines on how to use alliteration effectively, though one thing does come to mind. The power of the device is exponentially stronger if it amplifies or works alongside something else in the poem:


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers


That’s a lot of Ps! My ear is definitely pricked, but does it mean anything? Hard to say.


This whole place still smells like

Your cheap perfume

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