We’re All Connected

How are we connected? Are we connected? Should we be connected? Which connection do we need the most? The least?

How can one tell? Who freaking knows. All we can do is:

Consider the reasons why someone wants to connect. Being

Oblivious to the signs placed in front of us, is

Not in our best interest. So, what I’ve chosen to do is

Never turn another person away, for you never know when you’ll cross paths again

Every connection is important because they bring us new insights, experiences, perspectives, no matter if Good or bad.

Cell phones, social media, the internet, television, news, etc. Claim to keep us all connected

Truth is that they are there to keep us all in competition with one another perpetuating the narrative that we are not

Equal and there is a reason for revolt. Not to say that things could be better, however, they could also be much, much worse, as history so gallantly reminds us. So, what do we do?

Dive in. Just live freely and connect with those who will build our lives and not bring them down. Love On Purpose, that way we will reap the benefits of our love. I believe life is pretty fair. We get out of it, what we choose to put in and just because we do not like the response that life gives us. Does not mean it is not just.

Nevertheless, we are here as social beings to connect with one another to

Enrich our lives, and the lives of others. We must not be blinded or manipulated by the ‘powers that be’ (who or whatever that is in Your own life)

Sanity, is what I have gained from these practices, as well as others. We have to find a way to function in this world because

So many forces are looking for your failure as well as mine. So, again I say that we must connect with others in order to grow, however, we must not be blinded by them.

Stay true to yourself and remember to always live in an unapologetic manner by

Living Free and Loving On Purpose

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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  1. Totally agree on your point! That’s why I keep being nice almost all the time (unless the hormones make me grumpy) to the people I encounter because we’ll never know how/what will be our connection to them in the future. By the way, I love how you presented your blog. Out of the usual 🙂

  2. I agree with you in this post. Being connected also means that we are alive and that we have a purpose on why we do the things that we do. I also believe that we should be connected in real life, not in social media or technology. By connecting with each other in person, you find out who are true to you and who really appreciate you in life. This post was very inspiring and I realized that we should appreciate those we are connected with 😀

  3. I feel I am so connected with the baby on my belly right now. I’m a first time mom and the kicks and jumps of her in my belly makes me feel her so much!

  4. We are all connected to each other and we also learn from one another. I believe that people, animals, material things (everything) are sent to us because we have to learn something from them.

  5. We are definitely all connected. Every action has a reaction and it affects even people that we do not know. This is why we have what we call the butterfly effect. We may not know it but something we do or say could be life changing to others. No man is ever an island.

  6. I like what you said about how every connection that we make is important. I try to value every relationship that I make because these connections enrich my life and my experiences. Social media and technology has indeed helped make communication so much easier, but nothing beats reaching out to someone face to face.

  7. Kind of reminds of the red string belief of Japan (but it’s between two people). I truly agree that every connection is important and it’s still best to meet face to face. It is a fact though that there will be times we’ll have conflict with some and never want to bump into them again.. but it is best to try to maintain good ties as much as possible you’ll never know how you’ll meet again.
    MicaThere’s More to Mica

  8. I agree with you – we need connections to grow. We need other people too but that doesn’t mean that you need to give your all. You gotta leave something for yourself too. Connection for me is just like mutual respect.

  9. Technology can either be good or bad, depending on how we use it. This is good for us since my husband works abroad and we use it daily to communicate. But there are also times that you need to put everything down to be able to connect to people who are just around you.

  10. I really love the way you formatted this post! I think I feel the most connected with people when technology isn’t involved. Sitting with a friend or family member, just talking about life. My husband and I make an effort to spend at least one evening a week doing that after our daughter goes to bed 🙂

  11. Each and every one of us has stories to tell. With these stories, I believe we can learn new things and lessons we may apply to each other’slives. Therefore, its important to at least pause and listen to others` and connect with them in a deeper level.

  12. Social media does connect us but it can also create a distance and rivalry. Staying connected means calling up someone you care about. Taking time to write them a short note even if it is a message on Facebook messenger.

  13. Love on purpose is the most beautiful reason to base our action in life. We are an individual and social human being therefore, any connection to ourselves or others is essential. Lovely post!

  14. “Cell phones, social media, the internet, television, news, etc. Claim to keep us all connected
    Truth is that they are there to keep us all in competition with one another perpetuating the narrative that we are not”
    This is proabably my fav part .its true ppl thing social media is here to connect us and it does in some cases but the competitiveness of it has grown .ots all about how many likes you can get and how many followers you can get .

  15. I feel your connnection as well with every word you wrote. I do believe that each has a connection: success or failure and whatever people do.

  16. Heya. I really liked the way how you expanded the word. It makes so much sense. Today everyone is ‘connected ‘ to everyone whether in person or virtually.

  17. Wonderful and creative. Being connected is very important to me. To be connected to God, my hubby, kids, family, myself, and friends is essential to a full and happy life!! Luv this post!!

  18. Great message! You are definitely right that everything is connected and it is crazy how you can move all the way across the world and find someone who knows someone you grew up with.

  19. Whenever I am feeling down all I need to do is reach out and connect with those I love. Connecting with others is very healing.

  20. We can make a conscious effort not to be in competition with one another, even through social media. We all have gifts to offer, and yes, it takes connection for us to fully benefit from each other.

  21. I completely agree! Connecting with those around us is very important and I think something we have gotten away from these last few years due to social media and online presence. Great message! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  22. This is a great message. There’s more to real connection than just interacting online and over the phone. We have to make an effort!

  23. Being connected with others is so important. I, too, try not to miss our on connection with the people around me (in real life and on social media).

  24. At the moment I feel like everyone wants to see me fail and the forces seem to be conspiring against me, I can’t let them win.

  25. This was absolutely beautiful to read. It made so much sense. This world is full of connections and yet the social media connections just keep us in competition with one another instead of actually connected. We use it keep in touch with those far from us yet those closest to us are still feeling lonely. This was a great post. Thanks for sharing!

  26. There’s always a connection – or disconnection – between people. With someones it’s stronger that with others. But I have to say that in my life there’s been so many situations where i cannot find any connection or any reason why it has happened. It is a bit confusing, because I want to believe in that connection thing.

  27. Of course everything is connected but you know, a lot of people will say that it can’t be true. Nothing just happens! Nothing in our lives just happens… Thanks for sharing!

  28. I absolutely agree that everything is connected. Everyone in our lives (like every person, even the ones we don’t really like ha ha) are there for a reason. The reason may not manifest now, but it will someday.

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