ReBuilding SunShyne ;)

Rebuilding a life can be challenging yet exhilarating and liberating

 Especially when we actually get to the building part of it

 reBuilding, for me began in 2008, roughly, when the life I thought I had, was an illusion

 Unfortunately, it took 16 years to figure it out.

 I‘m a slow learner. But, better late than never. So they say.

 Late is better than never. At least that’s what I tell myself

Dont judge me, I’m trying to build on something here 😉

In 2009 I decided to try something new. I played around with hair modeling for a little while. And had a small role in this little move by Antoine Fuqua called Olympus Has
Fallen, maybe you’ve heard of it.

I did these things to help change my life. I needed to expand my experiences in order to, expand myself. It was fun, for the time it lasted. My patience could not have endured any longer than I did it for. A year and a half was good enough for me.


Below is a video of a photo shoot we had done in Arizona at Brown Canyon Ranch in Sierra Vista, AZ. Also, a photo capture from a part of the movie. If you blink you’ll miss me in the movie, so I took a screen capture.

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  1. Very creative post. One thing that I say all the time is ” the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Sometimes its more true than other times but I think we are always rebuilding in some way. Its the velocity of these changes that can really get us down. I hate the thought of being a “control freak” but life sure makes us feel out of control sometimes. I have written several posts that talk about the velocity of change, price of progress, etc. Life is a challenge.

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