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Oh, My Goodness! Did you see those legs? Well, of course, you saw those legs because they belong to you. I just wanted to tell you that I’d ‘pimp slap’ the wind, for some luscious legs like yours. I mean DAMN! 

There is one thing that might be the reason for such strong features. Not that I am judging or anything. Maybe I am. But, since men have stronger features than women, that may be the reason of such strong features.

But, I just wanted to mention that if you are going to insist on wearing, what seems to be your board room pants suit blazer, with your form fitting mini skirt, you may want to add a dash of color. Just a little red, blue, green, or dare I say ‘pink’. It would make a world of difference. Oh, and you might want to think of changing your hairstyle just a tad. It just seems that if you’re going to wear a skirt and heels, you might as well go all out and look fabulous. Don’t be out there just throwing crap together to see what will work.

Other than that. WORK IT GURL!


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  1. Fashion is such a great way to express ourselves. A splash of color will can never be bad!

  2. Yes I think its important to look the best we can be as long as we are happy to do that. Colour works for me every time.

  3. As long as you feel confident and comfortable you will look fabulous

  4. I believe that we can wear whatever we like but a splash of colour can never go wrong you are right. Its great to express yourself through fashion.

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