Vanished Reason****LFLOP

Voices of reason

Anguished with fear of treason

Nurtured  with sweet deception

Infused with manipulation

Simplicity is living honorably

Hiding the signs of life’s cruelty

Engaging in our mind’s movie

Driven by the love that’s snowy

We are at times riddled with useless information that is supposed to hydroplane us into fear. But, if we can remember that the forces are against us and want us all to cowl into a ball in a corner full of fear and willing to comply with any offer of assistance and slavery. We create our own happiness and sadness. We choose our own surroundings and families. We are the drivers of our own destiny. It is written and has not changed throughout the centuries. We must all learn to live our own lives on our own terms without retribution or judgment of others. We come into this world alone and we leave this world alone. What we gain and learn from others will enhance our ability to advance to our next adventure, after this life is over.

     So, be vigilant in love and friendship. Be as transparent as possible. We get what we give out of this life and life is very fair in that regard.

     Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose and the rest will work itself out. Thanks for reading and live a simple, yet fulfilling life according to your own terms, not the terms that society has falsely claimed to be the standard.

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Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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  1. Oh my so freakin’ inspiring!
    ‘Live free according to your standards and not on what society gives you’ — HIT ME VERY HARD! Life is so short.. you gotta try everything especially if you are able to! Thank you very much! <3

  2.’s so true that what we put out into the world is what comes back to us. I’ve seen it happen in my life time and time again. I also loved when you wrote “love on purpose” .. it reminds us that love is an action and we need to intend it instead of treating it like a happy accident

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