Quietly Complicated

As you try to digest my Method To The Madness below. In our writing 201: Poetry course we were to write an Ode with the added touch of metaphors. In order to do that, I went through a few prompts of my own: Qualities to cover? What is it that allows? What is it that says? What it feels like? Resolution? This is what I came up with. The interesting thing that has happened during this process is that I have thought up some clever metaphors in my head, then when it came to transcribing them, my mind was a desert. go figure.

Quiet yet Complicated Strength

Eyes of the soul
Ears of the elders of past
Shining upon this cluttered framework of complicated design

Familial deceit

Glazed view of pure emptiness
That unquenchable thirst
Bathed, loved, and reared with an iron belt

What is it that allows
Tails to become truths and
Truths become tails

Life is like a box of chocolates
You never know what you’ll get.

Pin needles prickling under the skin
Heart of a lion
Tongue of a snake

When in doubt. Investigate more
Who truly understand why two plus two may not equal four

Knowing that we know nothing,
Is knowing all.

By: C.C. SunDragonLady

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