Life’s Carousel

This carousel makes me ill

Always circling what’s not real

Round we go with no direction

Only to feel the sting of neglecting

Until we end this vicious cycle of confusion

Self-esteem will be nothing more than an illusion

Enter each day with “glass half-full” direction

LivingFree and LovingOnPurpose will be the conclusion

We tend to live in a world like a hamster on a hamster wheel. Always going in circles and going nowhere. You know the saying, in a hurry to go nowhere? That’s the carousel of life. Always circling and never reaching.


I choose not to play the game of running in circles for fun. I am not saying that it does not happen, but once I figure it out, then the correction is made and I get off of the bandwagon. We must choose to live by our own rules and not the ones that have been set by society or even by our parents and families. They have lived their lives and now it is our time to do the same. To make our own mistakes and corrections so we can be of some help to the future generations.


But, if we continue on the path of destruction or dysfunction from others, we will not be able to move forward. There was a reason that the life choices of our family did not work out for them. However, that does not mean the same will happen for us. I refuse to be bullied any longer by the ghost of our forbearers. I love them for their contributions to my life and I hope and pray that they will love me the same for living my life the way I feel that God wants me to. It may not look right to others, but thank goodness it not ‘others’ whom I believe holds my destiny in their hands.


Therefore, there will be no carousel rides for me and my children. They are free to live their lives according to their own rules as long as they are willing to accept accountability for any and all mistakes and mishaps that happen along the way. It does not matter what they encounter in life, it only matters how they choose to deal with them. Success and failures need to be handled with as much dignity and character as possible, then move on to the next chapter and make it count.


We are all here to lead others and ourselves to a better life. That better life does not cost anything nor is it material. However, character and integrity is the fee for advancement.


Remember to LiveFree & LoveOnPurpose as you journey through this thing called life and have a ball. But, just get off of the carousel, it’ll make your tummy hurt and I have no TUMS for you to take, but there is always Castor Oil for all. HA!

Remember to Live Free andย Love On Purpose ๐Ÿ’‹๐ŸŽ‰โœŒ


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