We Live To Serve 😁😁

Suddenly twenty-one years passed

Under my nose you became a man

Not just any man, no

Not just. But a man who will be honorable and humble

You are me and I am you, with God on our side, there’s nothing you can’t do

LiveFree and LoveOnPurpose my son.  The world awaits. ❤💋💕
Today is the first day of my son’s life as a man.  He will be graduating from United States Air Force (USAF), basic military training (BMT). Considering he just graduated high school in March is 2016, I’m truly ecstatic.

I’ve had many people ask me why I’m so happy or proud that my children chose to serve their country. I know that everyone has their own reasons for their displeasure with the military and government. But, as I tell my children, you can complain on the sidelines or you can be apart of the conversation, unapologetically. Their job is to be productive and useful citizens of America. I demand that they use their God given abilities and talents to serve others and not themselves. Well, not themselves exclusively 😁

(Did I mention his sister, my baby, left for the USAF BMT yesterday😘😁 #ProudMama😉

Sooooooooooo, tomorrow the ceremonies begin and we’re now in San Antonio awaiting the morning.  5am can’t come fast enough. Seems like it’s going to be a loooooooooooooong night😂.

For lunch my husband and I went to this buffet 🤤😝. Needless to say, dinner will be better.  Here’s the issue and tell me if you can feel our pain.  We went to this Chinese buffet (possibly issue#1) however it has 3.7 rating. It should be two whole points less, like 1.7. Their buffet prides itself on variety, therefore it’s name is Tappinyaki with American Japanese and Chinese. With that confused menu, we should’ve turned around.  This is what happens when you’re hungry, and don’t want to wait to eat.  Ugh.  Won’t be experimenting with food anymore during this 4 days graduation.

But wait!  The hotel just stuck a menu of a Grand Opening pizzeria, may have to give them a try.  Well  the hot wings anyway.  Can’t really mess up hot wings. And they’re open until 3am.

As my son would say in this scenario YOLO just get it mom.

To be continued… 😉😂😝

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌

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