Shame on you Mr. Brown

I am black. I am proud. I love my country. And I DO NOT approve of this message. Most blacks that I know, would not either. This is pure foolishness and adds to the dysfunctional conversation that is being had in the media these days. Every culture has been enslaved, at one point. My family has never allowed any of us to accept the victim role, under any circumstance and that we are accountable for our own lives.This Professor is the perfect reason why I pulled them out of school to homeschool for a few years. (Just my 2 cents)


To know what I am talking about, read the post at the link below. It is a professor in Maryland at a University who believes that all whites should find any black person and deposit their unearned money into their account. The problem is this is being taught at a higher education location. The youth who are uninformed will take this as gospel. I do not and will NEVER agree with such a stance against any group of people.


Article Preview below

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Unfortunately, some of you were born white. Guilty.  All that money you’re making? If you’re white, you didn’t earn that. Somebody else made that happen.

So here’s what you should do. Take that extra savings you have, or money you were saving for a family trip to Disney World, and give it away. Not to starving children or to the Red Cross, though. You’re supposed to find a black person, any black person, and deposit that money directly into their bank account. Solely because they are black. Does that sound racist in and of itself?

Your white privilege is showing.

Now, lest ye think we deserve a boatload of hatemail for suggesting such a thing, we direct you to the source of this utter lunacy: Lawrence Brown. Mr. Brown is an assistant professor in the Public Health Department at Morgan State University in Baltimore.  (Read More Below)

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