Conversation Piece or Nah?

You made it into the new year of 2018 and you’ve probably said, “Now, what?” That’s a great place to start our conversation. It is a response that can be used for just about anything. You wake up in the morning and your first reaction to the new day is “Now, what?”


The phone rings and you wonder to yourself, “Now, what?”. The doorbell rings and even though you ordered your favorite pizza from your local pizza delivery spot, you ask yourself, “Now, what?”.


Maybe the real conversation piece should be about why I’m so distant with others. It is not my plan. From the beginning, I want to be involved and engaged with others. But, it becomes difficult after a while of being around others because it’s like I get too exhausted and all I have to do is sit amongst others. But, as long as I am moving around and trying to stay busy I will not focus on such things. But, once I sit down and begin to take in my surroundings, it becomes too much for my little brain to handle. I see and feel more than I would like.


So, that’s a conversation piece for yah. Well, sorta. Maybe it is more of my issues or excuses that keep my circle so small it doesn’t even make a full circle.


Oh, well, no matter my flaws I am determined to live my life free and love on purpose, I hope that you choose to do the same. Happy New Year!!

PS. Don’t mind me, this post is just for conversation. HA!

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