Life’s Loophole

Life’s LoopHole
Interesting subject but to true, to say the least. Just like there’s a ying to the yang, that’s good to the bad, happy to the sad. For every up, there is a down. That just shows that nothing, I mean nothing lasts forever. Including ourselves. 

The good part I’m all of that is that means within our own circles of life, there’s a loophole to the madness when it appears. The messiness that appears in our life is temporary. It comes to make us stronger and more resilient. The bad does not come to defeat us unless we allow it to. There is a saying that, ” only the string will survive” that applies to life’s loopholes too.
In short, do not be discouraged when you run head first into that brick wall. Remember that you are able to survive the collision, you can survive what comes next. The sun always shines after the storm is over. We must be able to endure. 

So, in the meantime, flick your nose at life and her tests and just continue to LiveFree and LoveOnPurpose and God will handle the rest. Be and stay encouraged, there is no wrong answer to life’s challenges except quitting. We must never cease to live. Living is a gift. I was watching the movie “Shawshank Redemption” last night and one of the lines that sparked this post was when Andy Dufresne, who is played by Tim Robbins said to Red who is played by Morgan Freeman, we have only two choices in life and that is to “get busy living or get busy dying”. I choose to “get busy living”. What say you?

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