Darkness of Light

Dim is the world’s light 

Arrogant with might

 Respectfully forgiven

 Kinship without tradition

 Necessary pause

 Extended with cause 

Shocked by the disconnect

Sold lies on the internet


What is darkness? It could be the light that brings us darkness. For it is said, that one cannot exist without the other.


When there is a moment of pure euphoric happiness. Then we should be aware that darkness is best and ready to dim that light.

All I do or should I say is, all that I can do, and what send to work for me, thus far, is awareness and acceptance. I have to accept the good along with the bad in life. There is really no easy way around that notion. I also remind myself that our God likes to present situations to us in order to remind us to remain in the light but be aware of the dark. Yet never fear it.


Darkness does not scare me. However, the lack of darkness would make me start questioning who’s love I’m truly seeking.


So, what do we do? Nothing.

Just live day by day and remember to always let the words in your life Live Free & We Must Love each other and ourselves On Purpose.


Thanks for reading😜

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♡Celestial B Purposed♡

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌

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  1. Never be afraid of the dark! Great poem. The light will always win 🙂

  2. both dark and light must exist in the world so you can distinguish between the two and truly know good and happiness, and avoid the negative and dangerous. great poem!

  3. Beautiful piece of writing! I believe that we should never loose hope as there is always sunshine after darkness!

  4. I had never considered that light could not exist without darkness! Thanks for these reflections, they often make me feel more positive 🙂

  5. Very nice poem! I wish I was better at putting my thoughts to words. I think there is darkness all around and there always will be. We just have to focus on the better things.

  6. I think it’s up to ass if we allow the darkness to come in or not. If we do, it will be harder to get it out, we should just ignore it and don’t let it come in.

  7. Poetic and metaphorical. Most of the times, seeing things is just a matter of perspective. Some fear darkness because of the uncertainties it brings. Others view it as an opportunity to see the light beyond it.


  8. Reminds me of one of my favorite lines in Harry Potter, “Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.” Darkness may look pessimistic but I guess, it gives a lots of optimism to each of us.

  9. This is a great post! I fully agree with it. Because one cannot exist without the other… Thanks for posting! Have a wonderful weekend dear!

  10. This is just what I believe strongly and I keep preaching that! Without darkness, we would not be able to see light!

  11. That’s a very beautiful reminder of what we should do once darkness comes. We should never fear it and we should learn how to deal with it since it’s always going to be a part of life. The poem was very expressive, yet easy to understand! I love it.

  12. I love the poem. Darkness can’t exist without light and all it is is a shadow. You can move out of shadows!

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