Where Did SunDragon Come From? UBC #15

On Day 15 of UBC, we were recommended the following for a blog post:

Have an AMA Day!

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I was asked in a comment a few times, what the significance of the name I used, sundragonlady.

This answer will be fairly short. My nickname to some of my friends was and is still SunShyne. They began calling me that because I would call everyone Sunshyne. I would always say, “heeeeey sunshyne” or “good morning sunshyne” or any greeting or closing I would add sunshyne. So, that became my name.

Now, where I got dragon from is from two separate occurrences. First, it is from me wanting to have a tattoo going around my waist of a dragon and I wanted the head of the dragon to be on my thigh. I went through a separation and needed a big change and I guess pain to remind myself I am still alive. However, when I went for an estimate, I was told that it would take, roughly, 22 hours at no more than 5 hours per session and about $2k. The price doesn’t matter, it was in the ballpark to what I was thinking. But, my new issue was finding an actual dragon that represented me and what I have always dreamt about.

Oh, the dream, I would have dreams of a dragon tattoo and it eating a snake to protect me. So, I wanted to represent my dream in the tattoo, that the dragon would be my protection and love.

Then I met my husband who is born the year of the dragon and then I realized, he was my dream. Dreams are never literal and I knew better, but I went through the process until God sent me my true dragon.

So, I used the pseudo-name, SunDragon, which is a mixture of sunshyne and dragon. Me and my husband bound by love and undying loyalty.

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  1. enjoyed the story of how your pseudo-name came about..such a cool mixing of important aspects of your life:)

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