What’s Your Motto? UBC #16

For our Day 16 UBC prompt, we were recommended the following:

Ever get a song stuck in your head? Or do you have a favorite song lyric? How about a motto or creed that you live by (like, “Every Day Counts,” or “There are no failures, only lessons.”)

Share a song lyric or the phrase you live by with your community.

Let them know why it is important to you and/or your company. Sharing an insight with them like this helps to develop a relationship with your community.

It has nothing to do with me. Is my daily, weekly, monthly and annual motto.


The reason that I chose this slogan is because of the many situations I’ve found myself in. Mind you, these situations had nothing to do with me. You know how someone comes to you for help in a situation, you help them and you end up being the bad guy? That is why we must stay in our own lane. Even domestic violence incidents can turn on you if you decide to help.


Don’t get me wrong, if someone genuinely comes to me for help, I’ll offer my advice, but that would be my limit. I don’t help people cheat on their significant others. I don’t lie for others. And I try not to gossip. I don’t expect others to do that for me. I expect loyalty and that’s it. I believe that everything we do in life, comes back to us, one way or another. And we can’t dictate how it returns, it could be worse than the deed itself.


So again, if I’m going to sin in some way, it’ll be my own sin, not a sin for the sake of another. Anyone that asks that of you cannot be considered a true friend.


This motto goes along with my true slogan, LiveFree and LoveOnPurpose, if we do these things another person’s issues will not control or clog your life.


So, just remember, share your story or advice and leave it there, unless it is your children. Other than that, they must travel their own path without the hand-holding.

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  1. My. Motto is forgive. And forget. I’m referring this to Alice. She needs to. Forget about being mad and. Forgive me.

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