3 Songs For My 3 Loves

I guess I will start with my oldest and her not-so-favorite song. The following lyrics make my daughters skin crawl in the worse way. The reason that this song irks her is that ‘DJ’ is her nickname that she goes by since her name is kind of long.

So what I want y’all out there to do for me is say this

Say go D-J, cause that’s my D-J
Say go D-J, cause that’s my D-J
Say go D-J, cause that’s my D-J (this the carter)
Say go D-J, cause that’s my cause that’s my

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Lil Wayne – Go DJ


The story behind this song happens back when DJ was in middle school. We had just moved from California to Arizona and we lived on the outskirts of town. ย She was not too fond of this area, especially since there were no sidewalks near her school. That gives you an idea how rural we were. We can chalk it up to her mother having issues with living in the city where people can drop by at will, or without calling first. That was and still is in the Top 5 list of pet peeves. So, the story unfolds when DJ comes home from school fuming from head to toe. She was so angry and annoyed that she was in tears.

I asked her what was wrong and who did it and where they were currently. Mommy mode was officially activated and ready to destroy the person who made my baby cry and so mad. Then we have a seat over some after-school snacks and she proceeds to tell me her problem. She tells me that she hates her name and everything that goes along with it. She gritted and grunted over the fact that her name wasn’t simple like her friends. She could not find her name in the stores on key chains and so forth. Then through all of her venting, she finally belts out that a boy (yes, a boy) keeps calling her out of her name and he won’t stop. She was upset because she was taught, to never hit first and never fight over hurt feelings. Words are empty unless they hold truth within them. So I had asked her what was he calling her and what was his name, we will address this officially n the morning.

Come to find out, the boy was singing the above song by Lil Wayne to her each and every time he saw her. Of course, I had to disable Mommie mode, since this was a false alarm. We had a talk and I had to explain to her that, unfortunately, the male species have an interesting way of letting us know they like us. I like you from a guy will not come in love letters, but they will, however, make your school life miserable. Somehow that equals ‘I like you.”

Needless to say, she still cannot stand that song and there is not changing that. trust me, I have tried, time and time again. I tried explaining it could be interpreted as a compliment, but she was not hearing it. Sigh..Capricorns ๐Ÿ™„



This next song takes me back to when me and my three treasures from God were driving in the car singing this song as passionate as we could. My song would sing R. Kelly’s part. The song is a duet, well a trio, between R. Kelly who plays the brother. Kelly Price, who plays R. Kelly’s sister in the song and Kim Burrell, who plays the sister’s friend who has a message for her brother.


But I done prayed and prayed night and day
I still can’t seem to find my way
Rob that ain’t nothing but the devil telling you
That you’re washed up and you’re through
But sister’s here to let you know
Boy you’re gonna make it through

Sister, do you really believe that I can rise again
Yes, and not only that, Rob
God will forgive you for your sins
Can you tell me what to do?
Well first you gotta believe the truth
Sometimes it’s hard to believe in Him
That’s okay because He believes in you

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R. Kelly ft. Kelly Price & Kim Burrell

Three Way Phone Call

Every time I hear this song I can hear my kids singing it. They know this song verbatim. It’s a perfect song my son sings all the R. Kelly’s part and my two daughters rotate between being the sister and friend. Since I started writing about this [articular song I have had it on replay, and I promise it always gets me misty-eyed. It mostly brings me back to driving on the 405 Fwy music blasting and all of singing with this song on repeat. Prayer Changes is another one we sing by R. Kelly that one is my sons favorite as well.

R. Kelly was apparently going through some things during this time in his life. it is actually my favorite album from him to date.

Last but not least is my All-Time favorite song as a kid. Especially because I was able to spell out the words with my hand in sign language. Yes, I thought I was the coolest 9-year-old around.


And it’s all because of something
That I didn’t learn in school

I’m just cool, cool, cool, cool
Honey, baby, can’t you see?
Girl, I’m so cool, cool, cool, cool
Ain’t nobody bad like me?

Sing it, baby, COOL
What’s that spell? COOL
That spells cool
Cool, cool, cool, cool
Cool, cool, cool, cool

What time is it? Cool

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Morris Day &ย The Time – Cool

This song just makes me remember being a child and traveling to friends and families homes with my mother. We lived in Ventura County, so it was always a treat to back down to L.A. to visit. It is just a feel good song. I had no idea what the song was about except the chorus. It reminds me of sunny days, BBQs and the park with family. I think of the beach as well, Venice beach, to be exact, this song was always in rotation. Every time it came on I was guaranteed to stand up and start singing and signing the word Cool (what’s that spell?)

These are the 3 songs that take me back to a time of priceless memories. It was really hard to choose since ย I have so many songs that have very meaningful memories attached to them. ugh, decisions..decisions.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a COOL day ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I will be patiently waiting to read yours. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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