In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Bookworms.”  Grab the nearest book. Open it and go to the tenth word. Do a Google Image Search of the word. Write about what the image brings to mind.

My 10th Word = Wasn’t

I know you thought you saw me in a crowd but, that wasn’t me.

I know you think I won’t make you proud but, it wasn’t me.

You thought I’d be your sucker for an eternity but, that wasn’t me.

You thought, that I thought that you were a cool ass slick m’fer but, that wasn’t me.

I bet you thought you could break me and make into a pathetic woman, but you found out that wasn’t me.

I actually believed I was not worthy of things good and pure, but I realized that just wasn’t me.

I am thankful and grateful for the life that has been granted to me and that life has not broken me. In the end, God has a plan to make sure that the life I live is blessed. He has shown me that I must choose to be present and accounted for in my life.

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