December – Exit This A-way

Dear December,

We have been acquainted with each other for some time now. My whole life, to be exact. In the beginning, I could not wait until you arrived, because it meant a few things. School break and Christmas gifts with a lot of food to devour. Then after I grew into an adult and had children of my own, then THEY could not wait until you arrived. Me, however, wished you would wait, maybe 11 more months until you arrived again. December as an adult no longer meant toys and carefree living. December now meant money that had to pay out to stores, spending time with people and being a hostess with the most-ess. Needless to say, that was exhausting and I am glad they are out of that stage.

Now December, I think our relationship will have to change and evolve. So, that means when you come around, I can no longer show you special treatment. Now, I must treat you just like November and October. Black Friday shopping is not something that I take part in. I went to Black Friday maybe twice in my whole life, and both times were brutal. I see how a person can end up catching a case at Wal-Mart on Black Friday. Ugh.

But, any-old-way December I will make a pledge to you that when you arrive I will acknowledge your presence and be glad you are here, but my behavior with you will have to change.

Does this mean the end our the beginning

Everyone’s out and about happily celebrating the

Christmas season, for whatever reason

Ever since my kids grew past this stage, and

My excitement for the arrival of this unreasonably

Busy month, busy freeways, busy grocery stores, ugh, busy people

Everywhere, and I’m over it and ready for the new year

Ready or not, here I come, apologetically

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  1. Thanks a ton. Me and December are working on our relationship. It keeps giving me chills, rain and wind when I want sunshine. 😉 Happy New Year

  2. This is hilarious. I really enjoyed reading it. I love all the attention given to the month of December. I think it’s the luckiest month, Lol. I look forward to reading more posts. 🙂

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