One-Word Inspiration *Choice*

For Day 3 of Writing 101, I chose the word ‘choice’ for my one-word-inspiration submission. Choice, choices, chosen, and choose wisely.

Choice, Choices, Chosen, Choose Wisely

First, let’s get a grasp of what choice means in the first place.

Merriam-Webster says that choice means
 noun ˈchȯis
: the act of choosing : the act of picking or deciding between two or more possibilities
: the opportunity or power to choose between two or more possibilities : the opportunity or power to make a decision
: a range of things that can be chosen

Choices are something that we all seem to take for granted. Myself included. Everything that we do requires a choice being made, including me writing this post. Choices

Choice: To make a choice is to make a conscious decision to do or not do something. Either way, you choose your own path. We can no longer sit back and accept “I had no choice” as an answer. It shouldn’t be an option for a response.

· We choose to blog
· To Get Married
· Get an education
· Love others
· Hate others
· Be considerate
· Exhibiting a moral demeanor
· We choose to stay and
· We choose when to leave

These are just a few of the infinite amount of choices we make in a single moment.

Choices: We have choices in everything we do.

· We can choose to stay in an abusive relationship or we can choose to leave. I chose the latter.
· We can choose to be determined by the opinions of others, or we can choose to accept that we are indeed enough. Indeed.
· We can choose to educate ourselves on the world and history, so we are not deceived by the deceivers.
· We have a choice on whether we will be a victim or not.
· We have a choice to be led around, like sheep, or to be informed
· No Matter what you have been told. It is our human given right to choose. No man or entity can take that away.

Chosen: How wonderful and a blessing to be one of the chosen. Now that, of course, can mean anything you choose. Who is doing the choosing? God, ultimately. But, if we are talking on a more social level, then being chosen is something we all crave.

· We want to be chosen for the team at school.
· We want to be chosen by a Valentine for Valentine’s Day.
· We want to be chosen for that job or promotion

Choose Wisely: Now, here’s the rub or Catch-22. We have the ability to choose our path in life, but we must choose wisely. We have heard the saying before that; “Everything that’s good is not good for you”. We must live a righteous and rich life. We can choose not to be a victim of our environment or our family curses. We can choose not to lose. (that was nice a cliché-ish)

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