Poinsettia For Everyone

For day two NaBloPoMo’s post we were asked if we decorate for the winter holidays and to tell about our decorations.Since my children have grown, I have not decorated much. The one thing that I absolutely love to have to see, smell, and have are Poinsettia. They are just absolutely gorgeous and it says holiday wishes to me.

Aren’t they just beautiful? If they could smell like the pine cones, I would be in total heaven.

When I was a young mother, I would buy at least one poinsettia to go on each table. We had a few tables. 😉

greenhouse full of bright red poinsettia

You can fill a whole house with these amazing plants/flowers. The only thing that kinda sux is that they do not live long. Or, it could be just me. I don’t really have a green thumb.

And for those of us who have grown to like the color pink. You can have a pink area of Poinsettia. I’m just saying, these were and still are my weakness.

I need these in my life. Where is this greenhouse?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Do you decorate for the winter holidays? Tell us about your decorations.

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