Writing Prompt “The Cuckoo’s Falling” 5/11/19

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The Cuckoo’s Falling” by Putting My Feelings in the Dirt

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Wile E’s Roadrunner

I first had to look up what a cuckoo was before I began to write about this prompt. For those who are clueless like me here is what a cuckoo is? They are part of the Cucukus canorus bird family and are famous in Europe, however, we do have some here in America. Their name came from the sound they make coo-coo, which sounds like the famous cuckoo clocks. I had no idea that the roadrunner is also part of this family of birds.

Greater Roadrunner Image courtesy of Audubon.org

When I think of the roadrunner, of course, it brings me to Wile E Coyote and his nemesis The Roadrunner. He could never catch the roadrunner no matter how hard he tried or what he did. It was not that the roadrunner was smarter that Coyote, it was that he was too impatient and worked off of emotion rather than reason. This is like a lot of what we see in the world today that most people are in a hurry to past judgment and are driven by their emotions rather than reason.

What was the reason that Coyote always ran after Roadrunner? Was it because he was hungry? I would say that was not the issue because if he was hungry, the amount and time and effort as well as money he spent on trying to capture the Roadrunner, he could’ve found a meal. Was it jealousy because Roadrunner was so fast? I don’t even think he knew the reason, it became about the chase.

It is interesting because those same people want others to approach them with reason and empathy when they do not offer the same. We all know the old saying “you get what you give out of this life” I feel that is true. We must also remember the verse “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you”. We know that Coyote would not want Roadrunner to try to capture him on a daily basis using dangerous tactics in order to do it.

Now, as far as the Roadrunner goes, he was able to sit back and wait for Coyote to come up with a hairbrained scheme and then would find a way out of it. Because the Roadrunner was on the defensive side he had a little bit of an advantage over Coyote. He knew Coyote would not stop so he kept a watchful eye on him and was prepared when the action began.

It is easy to attribute the actions of these cartoon characters to the lives that we live today. There is always someone trying to get over on us for no reason besides their own bias or judgment that your life is better than theirs. Which is not the case, everyone has their own hurdles that they must get over in order to get to the place in life that makes them smile, if only a little bit. It takes perseverance and will to make it in this life. There are plenty of roadblocks but if you function out of emotion like Coyote did and does, then your journey will be that much harder and difficult. It will look like the ones who are pushing through are living a better life, which is not a fact. Their shoes are just as muddy and dirty from setbacks as the next person, they just have a better attitude about. Just remember that your attitude will dictate your altitude. Aim high and live your best life while remembering to LiveFree and LoveOnPurpose.

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  1. It brought back my childhood memories of roadrunner and coyote. I like how you have written about it and spoke about us humansโ€™ life journey. Positive attitude can take us to better places.

  2. Oh I loved this and I related to so much of it too. You write so well and I really felt every word, Thank you for sharing,

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this post. I simply have nothing else to add. but I just had to leave a comment saying how much I am with you!

  4. I always say that you should not function as your emotions direct since many at ties,that fails me. Anyway, as youโ€™ve finished the write-up, it is your attitude that determines how far you go, no matter the situation around you.

  5. There couldn’t be anything truer than this – that there will always be someone trying to bring us down thinking our life is better than theirs.It is always best to be on guard and think ahead. I also believe in the saying. “What goes around comes around,” so it would be better to spread kindness and love rather than anger and hate.

  6. Attitude will dictate your altitude! Profound, awesome and bang on. Love your writing style.

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