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Friday, 05/17/2019 “Anomaly” by Fandango  

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The Anomaly of Life

Choosing your own path in life requires strength

But will makes others feel you are intense

Live your own life, if you dare

Go against the grain, it’s fair

The anomaly of freedom is rare

The poem speaks about people who choose to live their lives against the grain and own their own terms without worrying about the backlash of others who want them to live according to their own lives. Sometimes you have to stop being what others want you to be and be who God called you to be, Doing with this will, without fail, cause misunderstandings and enemies in those you once called family or friends. But, as long as you are living your own life. How others feel about it will now bother you. That’s is when you must take on the concept and say: “The way you feel about me, has nothing to do with me.”

Written By: Celestial B Purposed


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