Fibbing Friday 05/17

This prompt “Fibbing Friday” comes from The Haunted Wordsmith (HWDP) on 05/17/2019.

This challenge gives you a chance to do a little fibbing. You are to come up with your best tail to this week’s food-themed questions.

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Happy Writing!

What is in Ranch Dressing?

  • Ranch dressing is when someone decorates their land on their ranch to get it ready for a party.

What is Cool Whip really?

  • Cool Whip? That is a person who uses a whip in the winter to gather their flock.

Why is the pineapple cake upside down?

  • This is easy, it is when you eat pineapple while standing on your head upside down on a cake.

What is a chicken finger really?

  • Having a chicken finger is when someone is afraid to text someone back. Their fingers become chicken.

What did the baker lose in the cake?

  • The baker lost his wife in the cake. She was helping him cook and fell into the batter.

What does pork belly go with best?

  • Pork belly goes great with toothpaste. It is sort of like milk and Pepsi. Great snack.

What happened when the farmer grew tomatoes and pumpkins together?

  • When the farmer grew pumpkins and tomatoes together, he grew pumpkin pie with tomato sauce on top. Tastes great.

What does the butcher do with the leftover parts?

  • When the butcher has leftover parts, he plants them to grow some more. BTW, money does grow on trees.

Why was Grandmaโ€™s fruit cake so popular?

  • Grandma’s fruit cake was so popular because she hypnotized her customers. Grandma really can’t cook. Sshh, don’t tell her I told you.

What is Draculaโ€™s favorite dessert?

  • Dracula loves to have garlic cookies in the shape of a cross. That is his favorite, with a shot of Holy water to wash it down.

Who would win the Halloween Bake Off and what would they cook?

  • Leatherface would win the bake-off with his amazing meat pies.

What did the novice cook mistake for green beans?

  • The novice cook mistook green onions as green beans.

What are baked beans really and what do they go with?

  • Baked beans are beans that are baked in a pie and they go with ice cream. Great for birthdays.

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