Fog Weathered Mind (OWC)

The one-word prompt comes from Word of The Day Challenge posted on:

Monday 05/20/2019 The Prompt of the day is: Fog

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Foggy Weathered Mind

Smoked filled skies where the sun finds time to hide. You can smell the water and humidity in the air when the fog sets in. Fog could be weather-related or the fog of the mind. When our minds cannot see the vision it is trying to communicate? When the mind is fully functional, yet the body refuses to respond on command. Memories are lost in a cloud of smoke in the mind that cannot find their way through. What can we do when this happens? It is like the weather; we cannot do much but take our time and wait it out.

Streetlights of the mind

Light the memories to find

Where they go and hide

Written By: Celestial B. Purposed

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