Virtual Lives (OWC)

The one-word prompt comes from Word of The Day Challenge posted on:

Saturday 05/18/2019 The Prompt of the day is: Virtual

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Happy Writing!

Keyboard strokes lightly tapped to form illustrations of life. Lives are lived through illusions of grandeur. No oneโ€™s who they seem to be, the man tapping the keyboard to create feminine words on a screen to disguise his identity. The woman who lightly taps the keyboard to create a life of luxury when she lives in a one-room apartment and has been unemployed and on public assistance for over ten years. Nothing is what it seems. The photos of beautiful people that have tricked their viewers by using filters that enhance their beauty. Virtual reality is anything but reality.

Tapped full of deceit

Keys of virtuality

Lifeโ€™s not what it seems

Written By: Celestial B. Purposed


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