Patterns of Life (RDP)

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Saturday, 05/18/2019 “Patterns” by Ragtag

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Mirrored Patterns 

Patterns are a way of life. We see patterns in everything that we do. The question is whether or not we can recognize the patterns in enough time to not repeat the negative ones. Sometimes women choose men that are bad for them and end up doing it repeatedly, men are the same way. They choose women that mean them no good and it happens one after another. This is because patterns were not recognized. We reflect ourselves onto others and see ourselves in others and end up connecting with them, not realizing, we are the key to the pattern. So, what do we do? All we can do is learn ourselves and understand ourselves before we try to learn or understand another. We must recognize our own faults before we can look at another’s. Because the faults we see in others are indeed faults that are ours. So, we must get off of the hamster wheel and do the real hard work, look within to change the direction of our path for a better future.

Stop, look, and listen

Silent whispers to the soul

Mirrored intention

Written By: Celestial B. Purposed

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