Hospitality (OWC)

The one-word prompt comes from Word of The Day Challenge posted on:

Tuesday 05/21/2019 The Prompt of the day is: Hospitality

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Helping one another by opening your doors

Offset the loneliness that one feels

Sharing your time and space is a gift that keeps on giving

People are in need of communion with others to feel acceptance that is hard to feel these days

In the culture we live in social media takes the place of actual living

Take the time to show others that your heart, mind, and home is open to them

At the very least your time, which is precious and cannot be replaced

Let your light shine to help those that are in darkness or in a gray area

It can cause such a blessing in your own life that cannot be explained

Today make a pact with yourself that you will open yourself up to one another to create a place of acceptance

You will not be disappointed with such a good deed. This is a great example of Loving on Purpose


Written By: Celestial B. Purposed

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