Friday’s Jeopardy (FOWC)

troubled thoughts are not concrete!

troubled thoughts are exceptionally ideal.

Troubled thoughts.

Troubled thoughts are concrete. troubled thoughts are ideal,

troubled thoughts are nonobjective, however.


The reflection that’s really pulse,

Above all others is the endometrial echo.

Does the endometrial echo make you shiver?

does it?


An intuitive insight, however hard it tries,

Will always be yellow.

An intuitive insight is fearful. an intuitive insight is irrational,

an intuitive insight is cowardly, however.


How happy is the little, psychological portrayal!


Why is it so little?


The single symptom is not transeunt!

the single symptom is exceptionally nonsubjective.

Down, down, down into the darkness of the single symptom,

Gently it goes – the unobjective, the nonsubjective, the personal.


Written By: Celestial B.Purposed

This post is in response to FOWC’s One Word Challenge for today:

Friday, 05/24/2019 Jeopardy by Fandango  

Be sure to check out their page, by clicking the link above, to join in on the fun.

There is a prompt to help each day when you find your brain not cooperating

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