Verbatim Truths (FOWC)

Speak your truth with equal truth. Your truth may not be the actual truth. Just because you believe you’re right doesn’t make it so. You’ve heard from people many times say that “my truth is…”, but it doesn’t make it true. Everyone’s perception of things is different. We see situations from different angles and different perspectives. Experiences sometimes act as a catalyst in this scenario.

We’ve all heard of the “telephone” game, where you tell a story and when it get backs to you it’s a completely different story. Everyone the story reaches adds their own flavor and seasoning to the story. Exaggeration gets out of control. Verbatim only seems to work if it is being read or if the originator is telling the story. Once the story is told it will take on a life of its own.

So be wary of the stories you hear, which is considered “hearsay”, which is why it is not allowed in a court of law because the story is not first hand. Be careful of gossip, it is entertaining but usually, the truth is distorted

This post is in response to FOWC’s One Word Challenge for today:

Friday, 05/31/2019 “Verbatim” by Fandango

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