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Thursday 05/14/2020 The Prompt of the day is: Challenge

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Happy Writing!

Am you disappointed, yes

Are your feelings hurt, yes

Can you handle what is to come

Of course you can, look who you came from

No one can stop what has already been blessed

The challenges in our lives are to make us stronger and more deliberate in our choices. If we don’t fall how will we learn to stand? It’s a never ending cycle. Like the saying goes “It’s not how you fall but how you get back up.” Life is full of temptation to take you away from your goal, stay focused in the heat of uncertainty. You are the author of your story and life. The choices you make determines your character and integrity. We are not prefect and do not make good choices most of the time. However, when it is time to clean up the mess we made, it will again reveal your true character. Nobody is perfect, but our biggest challenge is getting life to not swallow you while. Be BIGGER. Be BETTER. Be STRONGER. Be unapologetically true to yourself.

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