Month: June 2020

Six Word Story #41

Six Word Story #41 Prompt for Week #41 (Jun 6, 2020 – Jun 12, 2020) Loneliness Live Free and – Love on Purpose Please click here to read the six-word stories that I’ve previously published on this blog. Image courtesy: Sushant Suresh Follow me on Twitter | Instagram © 2020 Celeste Burgess. All rights reserved.

Unwavering Waves

50 Word Thursday Faded within the thoughts of past Littered with complicated debris from last Wandering through life with a thirst to quench Haunted by the shadow that makes you flinch Waves crash the cliffs of uncertainty Lacking direction causing disharmony Don’t be dismayed by unwavering waves Rush them as it’s your life you’re trying…

Wordle #459

Wordle #469   Do not covet the wild designs of the loudest voices in the room   There is a line that should not be crossed for the shock fills with doom   Press passed the designed voices to see what is true and you should be fine   Remember to account for your own…