Distinctive Distractions

Distinctive Distractions


What is it to see, when you don’t know how to be


What is it to give, when you don’t know how to live


What is it to be free, when all you know is to flee


Distractions have a distinction


Of allowing those to hide what they fail to mention


Who are we but a speck in time, walking through life as if we are blind


We know this to be true for our worth knows no bounds


Just remember to keep your feet planted on solid ground


Who are the wise, those unrestrained by time


Following in the footsteps of those left behind


Do not be blinded by the shining lights, for they are there to blur your sight


Living is hard and meant to be filled with many twists and turns


Understanding these things will keep you from getting burned


Then your distractions will be distinctive enough for you to know what path to take.

Written By Me: ยฉCelestial B Purposed

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