Belugas and Dreamlifters

Belugas and dreamlifters

Ok, so first when I read what this prompt was it made me think of the car horn that makes the sound “baluuuuugaaaaaahhhh” or something like that. But, then I realized it is intended for the Beluga whale and of course that makes more sense especially when it is coupled with the word “dreamlifters” because if you are anything like me then you understand how whales are the epitome of majestic beauty. I always tell whoever will sit still long enough to listen that if I am given a choice of another life and the ‘being’ I want to come back as it would be a whale, not a Beluga whale but a Killer whale better known as Orca or the proper name would be the “Orcinus orca”. The reason I love this species so much is the fact that they mate for life and are totally family orientated. Talk about lifting a dream. In the world we live in today it is hard to see families that stay together with such dedication and devotion.


Now, when we look at the beauty of a Beluga whale we can put our own imagination into play when we see a species that represents purity by its snow-white color. Now, the melon-shaped head might take a bit getting used too then again looking at the glass half-full we could summarize that the melon head represents intelligence that the human race just does not possess. I know this is about belugas and dreamlifters but I go back to saying the Orca whale is my dreamlifter I can look at them with awe and wonder and they truly bring tears to my eyes when I see them up close off of the coast in California. I can look at them and feel at peace and feel a dream everlasting with joy, family, love, and safety.

Thank you for reading my ten minutes of ramblings.

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Putting My Feet in the Dirt

Thoughts and Perspectives From the Mind of a Common Girl

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