Sentimental Celebrations

In Writing 101, we found inspiration in one word and used it as a springboard for a post idea. Images — including photographs and works of art — can also act as starting points for stories, essays, poems, and personal musings. For this exercise, we are to use an image provided as the creative spark for today’s post. We may use it as the setting for a story or poem, write about how it makes us feel, or describe a memory conjured by it.

  • Always running
  • Always going
  • Always phoning
  • Always Mac’ing
  • Always PC’ing
  • Always text messaging
  • Always DM’ing
  • Always liking
  • Always sharing
  • Always Tweet’ing
  • Always FaceBook’ing
  • Always Instagram’ing
  • Always Blogging
  • Always Logging
  • Always Shopping
  • Always Bar-Hopping
  • Always Clubbing
  • Always Slumming

But are we really caring?

Is it the vanity and pride in us that wants to be seen and heard? Or could it be that we all fear being forgotten? Has my life made an impact on anyone in a positive way? Did I waste the time God gifted me with on nonsensical things?

  • Did I really do my best?
  • Did I stay when I should’ve left?
  • Did I leave when I should’ve stayed?
  • Did I love when I should’ve lost?
  • Did I lose when I should’ve loved?
  • Did I forgive when I should’ve forgotten?
  • Did I forget when I should’ve forgiven?

So many questions of these nature are asked of myself, by myself. Before

I make this journey, do the answers truly matter? I am told pretty regularly that I over analyze things.

There may be some truth to that. But, as Scarlett O’Hara once said, “I can’t think about that now. I’ll think about it in the morning.”

 This is it. The moment of truth. The moment when I accept all that I am. The good. The bad. It’s time to start living. Seeing the world and embrace every inch of her. Can it be so simple? Is life but a simple decision to engage one another with no ill will?

 Well, we all have our own batch of questions that we ask ourselves. All we can do is live life to the best of our abilities. Be adventurous.

Take a chance in life and remember that it is okay to be spontaneous.

 As I board this train, I board with no regrets and with the confidence to actually feel what I am experiencing.

We are so programmed to be numb to things that we don’t realize we are not feeling anything.

 Actually, I think I’ll upgrade my ticket to first class. because, hey, well, why not?

Ha! Rambling at it’s best. 😉

Written By: Celestial B. Purposed 💋🎉✌

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