Troubled Beauty and the Beast

I absolutely love this beautiful piece.

It is a 223/556 16in nickel boron coated ar15. In this photo, I was shooting a target at 100 yards. I enjoy shooting and the feeling it brings me. I understand that this is not for everyone, however, it is for me and my lifestyle. When my children were younger I did not allow any guns nor toy guns in the house, because they are not toys and still cannot understand why manufacturers make them so life-like then wonder why children get hurt. But, firearms are a personal choice, and my children are free to choose to own one or not. My son is in the USAF (United States Air Force) and he enjoys his right to own a firearm. My oldest daughter does not like them, which is fine, she says they are too loud. I told her she could get a suppressor, but she wasn’t hearing it. She will be heading to the USAF in 2019 so her views may change. And my youngest daughter, who is 22, does not have input on the issue one way or the other.

In short, live your life on your own terms and do not let society or anyone else tell you how to live for you. You are in charge of your life and if you give someone else the keys to drive your life for you, don’t be surprised where you end up. I guarantee it will not be where you intended to go.

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  1. Agreed. I do not believe that anyone should infringe on one another period. As long as no one is hurting themselves or others. Thank you for your comment Fandango. 😉

  2. “…live your life on your own terms and do not let society or anyone else tell you how to live for you.” I embrace this philosophy as long as living life on your own terms doesn’t infringe upon or in any way harm others. I’m afraid that too many these days have taken this philosophy to the extreme in our society.

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