Can You LiveFree & L💫veOnPurp💫se?

We must first live in the moment and seek only truth, the rest are illusions. Our eyes lie to us on a daily basis but our hearts speak our true truths.

We all have a God-given gift that is unique to each individual. Some have the healing touch. Others have the ability to create art. But does that make you an artist of a person who can find beauty and know how to communicate that beauty or healing for others to see? That’s a gift, not all of us have, including myself.

To LiveFree and LoveOnPurpose you must acknowledge that you are not defined by your social standing in life, or by the house or car you drive. Those are all illusions that have nothing to do with the self. You figure that if it can be purchased, it is not real. True identity comes from within. More is not better and bigger is not necessary for living free.

Consciousness is what we should strive to obtain. But, it is understood that consciousness is believed to be hindering, but it is not. That is what the majority would like for you to believe. If we stay consumed with our smartphones, computers, social networks, cars, degrees, and houses then we will never look within. These distractions keep us from LivingFree, and the do a great job. It is said, “show me your bank account, and I’ll show you what you truly love “.

True investment is in ourselves, not things.

I believe we are all born with an innate notion of who we are. However,  we learn how to ignore that inner voice. Even children who are born angry or addicted to dysfunction, learned this behavior from inside the womb, for those who say that they were born ‘that way’. It still was learned from inside the womb. Disease and/or disability is another topic, all together.

We have to be able to surrender the illusions of life and care for our spirit within. Character and integrity cannot be bought, many have tried and failed, miserably.

Nothing in life is literal. When we take things literally we rob ourselves of true meanings. Someone else’s emotions, pain, anger, or frustrations have nothing to do with you, but everything to do with them. That is so empowering. Our lives are supposed to be empowering not confusing. We must look at the symbolic meaning of our experiences in life, not the literal meaning.

Sometimes we must be willing to lose everything in order to gain it all.

I’ll write another post about my personal experience of surrendering in order to LiveFree & LoveOnPurpose.

Remember to Live Free and Love On Purpose 💋🎉✌


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