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Your News to Choose

Nevermind that the facts usually elude us into thinking that their fallacy is actual accuracy Eventually, we will have to venture outside of the box, that society has placed us in Where our vulnerability will be exposed. What vulnerability, you ask? The kind that allows us to Show yourselves, and others, that we have the…

Casually Me LivingFree

Carefully she remembers how her trust had been broken Ever since that day, her life was unspoken Love was something, she decided, she was now over Every relationship was included family, friend, and lover She understands that this is not truly living Therefore transparency is what she must start giving I say this to you…

Bell Bottom Baby

In our first Writing 201: Poetry assignment we are to write a Haiku in the form of Alliteration. So here is my attempt at this assignment. Haiku? #BlessYou šŸ˜‰ The following arrangements are my attempts at a Haiku. I’m not too sure how I did. Ā