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Wishes 4U

My two youngest graduated from high school May of 2016 and in the next two months, they both will be off to basic training in the United States Air Force. It has always been my wish that one of my three children will enter the military and follow in my father and grandfather’s footsteps. I…

Takes The Cake

My birthday gift from my awesome hubby. I am so thankful to be loved by you. I can’t help, falling in love, with you. 😉 Because of you, I am reminded daily that I matter and need to take time for myself to be loved. Sometimes, when we allow others to lean on us and…

“Broken” Afterglow

How did we become a nation that honors people who do commit crimes and punish the ones who are sent to stop the criminals? This system is so broken it is truly painful to watch. I understand the pain that the family feels of losing a loved one. However, choices were ultimately made by the deceased that caused him to lose his life. How does that ‘wrong’ choice allow you to have a plaque for all the youth to see that glorifies a life of crime? This is truly a broken issue of ‘Idiocracy.’

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