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Quietly Complicated

As you try to digest my Method To The Madness below. In our writing 201: Poetry course we were to write an Ode with the added touch of metaphors. In order to do that, I went through a few prompts of my own: Qualities to cover? What is it that allows? What is it that says? What…


a new poem style in the form of a acrostic/simile. Here is my attempt. She desired love but Understood that love is a privilege Not a right, love must be earned Does she understand the concept Reality, is harsh to those who seek her As some say, ignorance is bliss Getting to know her, is…

Bell Bottom Baby

In our first Writing 201: Poetry assignment we are to write a Haiku in the form of Alliteration. So here is my attempt at this assignment. Haiku? #BlessYou 😉 The following arrangements are my attempts at a Haiku. I’m not too sure how I did.